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No.3 |  S516 Quad series SSR

No.3 |  S516 Quad series SSR

● 4 Independent Relays in one package
● Dual color LED indicator
● Control voltage:4.5-32VDC
● Load current:20Aa.c.
● Common anode or cathode compatible
Load voltage 380VAC
Load current 20A
Product details

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S516 is a quad AC output panel mount SSR,it is controlled by four independent DC signals, control voltage is 4.5-32VDC, load capacity is 380VAC/20A. Product outline dimmension is 58.6mm×45.7mm×39.5mm, zero-cross turn-on and random turn-on trigger modes are optional.

S516 is widely used in temperature control and motor control situations that require switching load frequently in industrial control ffelds, such as industrial ovens,soldering reffow,dimming equipment, textile machinery etc.