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No.10 |  SAU41 Slim EMR pin compatible SSR

No.10 |  SAU41 Slim EMR pin compatible SSR

● 5mm thick, meet the needs of high-density PCB or socket mounting
● Control voltage:5Vd.c.,12Vd.c.,24Vd.c.,60Vd.c.
● Load current:100mAd.c., 2Aa.c., 5Ad.c.
● Compatible with standard EMR relay pins
● High electrical endurance peformance,achieve 10million cycles
● DC type can built-in freewheeling diodes to reduce turn off impulse voltage
Load voltage 240VAC/48VDC
Load current 240VAC/2A,48VDC/0.1A,48VDC/5A
Product details

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SAU41 is a set of 5mm thick and SPST-NO slim SSR.It contains 100mAd.c. output signal relay and 2Aa.c. or 5Ad.c. output auxiliary relay.SAU41 relay can be soldered on PCBA or be plugged in general 41F relay sockets for ffnal application.

Signal relay are suitable for PLC input electrical signal acquisition, auxiliary relay. are suitable for contactor drive, Solenoid valve drive, three color LED warning lamp drive and etc.