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No.12 |  SAU18 Din-rail mount auxiliary SSR

No.12 |  SAU18 Din-rail mount auxiliary SSR

●Control voltage:4-32VDC,88AC-132VAC,176VAC-264VAC
●Excellent electrical endurance performance, reaching over 10 million cycles
●With LED indicator
●Output arrangement: 1 Form A,2 Form A
● Product appearance and pin size are fully compatible with 18FF EMR
Load voltage 240VAC,380VAC,100VDC
Load current 1.2A,2A,5A
Product details

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SAU18 is a normal open solid state relay, it contains AC output types and DC output types products.Load capability includes 100VDC/2A100VDC/5A220VAC/2A

380VAC/2A and so on.For this series,single and two output forms is optional, relay is compatible with the 18F-2Z series socket which can meet standard industrial din-rail mounting.

Suitable for driving various actuating components and mechanisms in industrial control, such as contactor drive, solenoid valve drive, motor control, lamp and heater control, etc.