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No.13 |  SSA41 Slim SSR and socket assembly

No.13 |  SSA41 Slim SSR and socket assembly

●6.3mm thick and din-rail mouting available
●Control voltage:19.2V-28.8VDC,176VAC-264VAC
●Load current :100mAd.c., 2Aa.c., 5Ad.c.
●Control mode: DC ctrl AC, DC ctrl DC, AC ctrl DC,AC ctrl AC
●High electrical endurance peformance
Load voltage 240VAC/48VDC
Load current 240VAC/2A,48VDC/0.1A,48VDC/5A
Product details

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SSA41 is a set of SPST-NO SSR and socket assembly. It contains 100mAd.c. output signal relay and 2Aa.c. or 5Ad.c. output auxiliary relay. This socket is 6.3mm thick and suitable for din-rail mounted application.

Suitable for PLC input electrical signal acquisition, contactor drive, Solenoid valve drive, three color LED warning lamp drive and etc.