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No.20 |  SRM115 relay modules

No.20 |  SRM115 relay modules

● Multi- channel SAU115 relays in one module
●With 14FF standard EMR relay socket, relay easy to replace
●With green LED indicator
●Din-rail mounting
●EMR and SSR combination is optional
●Common anode or cathod compatible(Only for SRM115/C type)
Load voltage 240VAC/48VDC
Load current 2A,3A,5A
Product details

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SRM115 is a customized SSR module based on SAU115 solid state relay.We can supply 4 channels8 channels standard module, also accept other customized requirements.

Suitable for driving various actuating components and mechanisms in industrial control, such as contactor drive, solenoid valve drive, three color LED alarm light drive, motor drive, etc.