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NO.1 |  S505 Single phase SSR
Load voltage: 240VAC,380VAC,480VAC,600VAC
Load current: 10A,15A,20A,25A,40A,50A,60A,80A,100A
Control voltage: 4-32VDC,90-280VAC
Switching mode: SPST-NO
Features: Flip cover design, Two LED indicate is optional
NO.2 |  S503 Dual series SSR
Load voltage: 240VAC,380VAC.480VAC
Load current: 25A,40A,50A
Control voltage: 4-32VDC
Switching mode: DPST-NO
Features: Flip cover design, control terminals can prevent reverse insertion
No.3 |  S516 Quad series SSR
Load voltage: 380VAC
Load current: 20A
Control voltage: 4.5-32VDC
Switching mode: 4PST-NO
Features: Common anode or cathode compatible

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